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Centre for Imaging Methods


Centre for Imaging Methods

About us

The Centre for Imaging Methods (CZM) is equipped with scanning equipment for routine X-ray examinations and a telescopic tilting wall for contrast examinations of the digestive tube and urogenital system. It also includes a multi-detector CT scanner and ultrasound machines with colour mapping.

The examination rooms are located in both main buildings of the Trauma Hospital at Ponávka 6 and 10.

The workplace is fully digitized and using the PACS system (Redimed, ePACS) it is possible to send image documentation to other medical institutions.

The Imaging Centre is accredited for both tribal and in-house specialist training in Radiology and Imaging.

Our team


MUDr. Daniela Rémanová

tel.: +420 545 538 694
e-mail: d.remanova@unbr.cz

Deputy Chief:

MUDr. Marián Pavčík
tel.: 545 538 694
e-mail: m.pavcik@unbr.cz


MUDr. Vladimír Štursa e-mail: v.stursa@unbr.cz

MUDr. Drahomíra Chasáková e-mail: d.chasakova@unbr.cz

MUDr. Jolanta Mrázová e-mail: j.mrazova@unbr.cz

MUDr. Monika Suchovská e-mail: m.suchovska@unbr.cz

MUDr. Jana Nesnídalová e-mail: j.nesnidalova@unbr.cz

MUDr. Ján Haba e-mail: j.haba@unbr.cz

MUDr. Terezie Robešová e-mail: t.robesova@unbr.cz

Senior radiology assistant:

Jaroslav Mokrý

tel.: 545 538 477
e-mail: j.mokry@unbr.cz

Examinations performed


- standard skeletal X-ray
- long-format standing radiographs of both lower limbs
- X-ray of the heart and lungs
- X-ray of the abdomen and urothelium


- examination of the alimentary canal with contrast medium (swallowing act, passage through the oesophagus, higher stomach, irrigography)
- ERCP (biliary tract) in cooperation with the endoscopy department
- examination of the urogenital system with iodine contrast medium in cooperation with urologists
- fistulography


- higher lung, abdomen and pelvis
- higher neck, thyroid, salivary glands
- higher musculoskeletal system (joints, muscles and tendons)
- Doppler higher arterial vessels of the neck, upper and lower limbs
- kidney and scrotum


- higher. brain.
- chest, HRCT lung
- abdomen and pelvis
- higher skeleton
- CT angiography especially of the lower limbs

Orders for examination


External patients with a request for an X-ray are examined without an appointment every weekday 7.00-14.30.
The client reports directly to the X-ray register on the 1st floor of Ponávka 6.
Description of the images is made on request.
On the basis of a completed request from the patient or the referring physician, we provide the image documentation on CD for a fee according to the current price list published on the website of the Institute.
Images can be sent to other medical facilities and physicians using PACS.
We only take OPGs for patients of the dental outpatient clinics of the Trauma Hospital.



tel. 545 538 632

or in person with an application form in the X-ray register, 1st floor, Ponávka 6

The description of the examination is made on demand.

Skiascopic examinations can be ordered from 3 January 2023.


tel. 545 538 628

From 20 November 2023 we will again perform CT scans on the 1st floor at Ponávka No. 6.

On the day of the examination, please bring results from other departments that are related to the requested examination.
For the iodine contrast agent examination, please arrive fasting and bring laboratory results of Urea and Creatinine no older than 1 week. CT scans can be sent by PACS or burned to CD upon completed request by the patient or referring physician for a fee according to the current price list posted on the IU website


tel. 545 538 662

or in person at the ultrasound examination room on the 1st floor, Ponávka 6

We examine external patients only by appointment!

X-ray images tel. 545 538 632
CT documentation tel. 545 538 628