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Social services


Social services


Health and social worker:

Alexandra Bekerová, DiS.

tel.: 545 538 406 (mob. 770 100 762)

E-mail: a.bekerova@unbr.cz(socialni@unbr.cz)

Health and social worker:

Bc. Nikola Ondruskova

tel.: 770 100 762

E-mail: n.ondruskova@unbr.cz

Social services are intended for patients, family members and close relatives. They help in dealing with difficult social situations. Basic social counselling is provided to the patient or the person close to him/her, where he/she can get in touch with helping institutions/persons who can be helpful in dealing with the difficult situation. The health and social worker cooperates with the hospitalised patient so that he/she does not have to deal with problems related to basic needs, housing, etc. after discharge from hospital.

The health and social worker helps and informs in the following areas:

  • arranges a stay in a subsequent inpatient care (LDN, rehabilitation centre),
  • provides nursing services in the home of the patient who will require this care after hospitalization,
  • handles the estate of the deceased in court,
  • handles DPNs (temporary disability) for employed patients, or even self-employed people,
  • handles applications to residential facilities (homes for the elderly),
  • handles proposals for medical rehabilitation care in a specialist hospital in the insurance companies,
  • provides basic social assistance in cases of domestic violence (cooperation with the OSPOD, the police of the Czech Republic),
  • provides basic social assistance for homeless persons (cooperation with the social curator, the labour office, other organizations), purchase of necessary supplies for these persons, etc.