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Quality of care


Quality of care

Quality Manager
Bc. Martina Oháňková
tel. 771 296 851
e-mail: m.ohankova@unbr.cz

On 24 June 2015 the Trauma Hospital in Brno received Certificate of Quality and Safety Verification of the provided health services in the field of medical and preventive care and nursing care, including complementary health services and subsequent rehabilitation care.

The accreditation survey was carried out at the Trauma Hospital in Brno on 10 and 11 June 2015 by EURO CERT CZ, a.s., a company authorised by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic to carry out quality and safety assessments of health services.

The result of the accreditation investigation was confirmation of compliance with the requirements of the quality and safety assessment standards for inpatient health care resulting from Act No. 372/2011 Coll. on Health Services and Conditions of their Provision and Decree No. 102/2012 Coll. on Quality and Safety Assessment of Inpatient Health Care.

On 20. 9. 2021 was successfully reaccreditation of of the Trauma Hospital in Brno performed by LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic a. s.

The Centre of Laboratory Medicine at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine in Brno received a Certificate of Accreditation on 30 April 2012 and was successfully re-accredited in 2015 and 2020.

  • improve patient, client and employee satisfaction,
  • improve the economic stability of the hospital,
  • maintain and enhance the hospital's reputation and image,
  • identify risks and take corrective and preventive action through regular internal audits.