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Trauma Team


Trauma Team

Introductory word

Trauma team is a mobile surgical team designed to provide specialist medical care to the injured at the site of a disaster in the Czech Republic and abroad for a period of 1-2 weeks.

Chief Medical Officer:

prof. MUDr. Radek Veselý, Ph.D.

tel: 545 538 669

Deputy Chief Medical Officer:

MUDr. Martin Kelbl, Ph.D.

tel. 545 538 738


The team is composed of doctors (especially traumatology and anaesthesiology, but also other specialties), nurses (operating room, anaesthesiology and intensive care) and technicians. There are now 42 registered members of the Trauma Team: 22 doctors, 17 nurses, a technician, a driver and an organizational officer.


The Trauma team was established in 1987 and since then has participated in several missions, e.g. in Nicaragua (1987), Armenia (1989) and Iran (1990). Since 1997, the Trauma team has been registered in the Register of Military and Civil Defence Assets (MCDA), Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Geneva, since 2004 among the Council of the EU Civil Protection Intervention teams for Crisis Management and since January 2005 also in the UN Standby Arrangements System in New York.

During the last trip from 12.10. - 2.11.2005 the Trauma team participated together with the USAR team of the Fire Service and military medics in a mission sent by the Czech government to help those affected by the earthquake in Pakistan.

Since 1 January 2007, after the signing of the Agreement on Planned Assistance on Request between the Fire Brigade Directorate General and the Brno Fire Brigade, the Trauma Team has become another component of the IRS and is included in the Central Alarm Plan of the Czech Republic.

On the basis of this contract, the doctors of the Brno Institute of Medical Sciences also cooperate closely with the rescue services. USAR and WASAR teams of the Czech Fire Service.

In August 2020, a USAR team conducted a rescue mission after a massive, devastating explosion in the port of Beirut - Mission Lebanon 2020 with the participation of Ivan Melichar, MD, CSc.

Mobile surgical workplace

Design of a mobile surgical workplace

Option A 1 operational group total 8 - 9 persons
Option B 2 operational groups in total 17 persons

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