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Ethics Committee

Trauma Hospital in Brno

Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee of the Trauma Hospital in Brno

The Ethics Committee of the Trauma Hospital in Brno is a local ethics committee established by the hospital director as an independent advisory body to ensure and protect the rights and preserve the dignity, safety and welfare of people involved in medical research.

The Ethics Committee is composed of health care professionals and persons without medical education, hospital employees and persons not employed at the Brno Trauma Hospital. The Ethics Committee acts in accordance with the relevant legislation, in particular Act No. 378/2007 Coll. (see the Statute of the Ethics Committee of the Trauma Hospital in Brno).

In its deliberations, the Ethics Committee also applies the principles of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being in the Context of the Application of Biology and Medicine, and the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association. Meetings of the Trauma Hospital Ethics Committee are usually held every 4 weeks, but no later than once every 8 weeks.

The Chair: MUDr. Martin Kelbl, Ph.D.

Tel: 545 538 669
E-mail: m.fajtova@unbr.cz

Address: the Ethics Committee of the Brno Institute of Technology

Offer 6
Brno - Zábrdovice 602 00

List of members of the Ethics Committee of the Institute of National Heritage Brno:
  • MUDr. Martin Kelbl, Ph.D. - Chairman of the Commission
  • prof. MUDr. Radek Veselý, Ph.D. - Vice-Chairman
  • MUDr. Jan Filipinský - member
  • Mgr. Hana Mimochodková - member
  • Mgr. Martina Fajtová - Secretary
    Reimbursement of the costs for the review of the application by the Ethics Committee of the Brno Institute of National Heritage:

    Expert assessment of a new clinical trial of a human medicine or medical device:

    Local study 20 000,- CZK

    Multicentre study 40 000,- CZK

    Negotiation of an addendum to the study 5 000,- CZK

    VAT at the statutory rate will be added to the application fee.