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Characteristics of the Trauma Hospital

In 1928, the Directorate of the Workers' Accident Insurance Company for Moravia and Silesia in Brno decided to build a modern accident hospital in Brno and to support it financially. The immediate impulse for this decision was the response to a lecture given by the world-famous founder of modern traumatology, Prof. Lorenz Böhler, at the Association of Czech Physicians in Brno in 1927.

The design of the modern five-storey building was developed by Prof.Ing.arch. Vladimír Fischer. Construction began in the spring of 1931. The rooms for patients were on the 3rd and 4th floors, with 60 beds on each floor. The operating theatre on the 5th floor had two main operating theatres and was equipped with an electric unit with steam heating of filtered and humidified air, arranged for cooling the incoming air in summer.

The head of the new hospital Prof. MUDr. Vladimír Novák. In May 1933 the first wounded patients were admitted. Already after four years of operation of the Trauma Hospital in Brno, the management of the Trauma Insurance Company noted a significant reduction in post-traumatic consequences compared to the results in other hospitals.

During the air raid in November 1944, the hospital was damaged by bombs, but it did not stop receiving wounded from that raid. It was forced to stop operations for 3 months afterwards. In April 1945, it was again badly damaged, and emergency operations were ensured at a critical time, although the electricity, gas, water and steam supply was stopped for several days and regular supplies virtually ceased. The hospital staff thus saved a number of severely injured patients.

In 1947 Prof. Novák recommended the construction of a new rehabilitation building on the site of the neighbouring bombed-out house. The building was designed by Ing.arch. Miloslav Kopřiva, the construction began in 1948 and the operation started in November 1950.

In 1954 the Research Institute of Traumatology was established and Prof. Novák was appointed its director. Between 1954 and 1966, 51,164 patients were hospitalized here and 150,000 patients were treated as outpatients. Two thirds of them were post-trauma and post-traumatic patients. The principles of rehabilitation care tested here in clinical practice were adopted nationally and accepted abroad.

From 1966 to 1983 he was the director of the Research Institute of Traumatology Doc. MUDr. Josef Kroupa, CSc. International professional cooperation developed and every two years an international traumatology congress was organized. Very good contacts were established with traumatology clinics in Hungary and Austria.

From 1983 to 1990 he directed the Institute Prof. MUDr. Jaroslav Michek, DrSc. The Institute was divided into two bases - traumatology and special surgery. The Research Institute of Traumatology became a methodological centre of modern diagnostics and therapeutic care for polytrauma patients and patients from some areas of special surgery.

From 1991 to 2005 he was the director of the MUDr. Petr Zelníček, CSc. The Institute returned to its original name of the Brno Trauma Hospital. After the reconstruction, the neighbouring six-storey building Ponávka 10 was added to the hospital. On the 2nd floor of this building a modern Spinal Unit was created, opened in 1992. Its task is specialized care for patients with spinal injuries. The main hospital building was also renovated and modernised between 1992 and 1996.

In the period May 2005 - August 2007 he was the Director of the prof. MUDr. Miloš Janeček, CSc.

In the period 4.9.2007 - 4.12.2008 he was the director of UN Brno
doc. MUDr. Petr Svoboda, CSc. FRCS/T/.

5 December 2008 - 17 December 2008 MUDr. František Jimramovský

18.12. 2008 - 31.12.2008 MUDr. Roman Kraus, MBA

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Ing. Karel Doležal

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Ing. Zdeněk Buštík, MBA

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