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Trauma Hospital nurse wins a prestigious award for work in her field, has been working in it for 43 years

This week the Czech Nurses Association awarded Valeria Skřejpková, a nurse at the Trauma Hospital in Brno. This was in the section of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care. Valerie Skřejpková has been working as a nurse since 1979.

The Congress of the Czech Society of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care Medicine (CSARIM) started on Thursday in Brno. This professional scientific organization has been awarding the best personalities in the field for several years and gives honorary mentions and awards for the merits of health care professionals involved in anesthesiology, intensive and resuscitation care, algesiology or emergency medicine.

Valerie Skřejpková, a nurse at the Brno Trauma Hospital, also received an award for her work in Intensive Care. "I was very pleasantly surprised by the proposal for the award itself and it is a great honour for me. This profession is always a team and demanding, both physically and mentally. But it is a fulfilling job. And it wouldn't be possible to do it without a team. It has brought me fulfillment in life, a husband, and many friends over the years. And the fact that I still look forward to work is great. And I wish that for my followers. My thanks also go to my colleagues who have always been a great support to me," says Valerie Skřejpková, an award-winning nurse who has worked in the field for 43 years. She has been employed at the Brno Trauma Hospital for the whole time.

It is a demanding profession that brings with it a variety of burdens. "Over such a long period of time there have been many different problems. Often it was a matter of balancing a full-time three-shift job with a family. In the department itself, even after all these years, I still find it difficult to bear the departures, especially of young people," adds Valerie Skřejpková.

The award-winning nurse was nominated by her own colleagues, who made a short video about her. On the basis of this video, the nurse was selected by the Czech Nurses Association. "The work of nurses is really very demanding and it is not surprising that there is a shortage of nurses in many hospitals in the Czech Republic. I am very proud that we have such a skilful team, who also nominated one of their colleagues and she won a well-deserved award. She has been working at the Trauma Hospital for 43 years," says Pavel Piler, Director of the Trauma Hospital .