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About us

The Urology Department of the Trauma Hospital is a modern workplace providing comprehensive and expert care to patients in the treatment of urinary tract diseases, complete diagnostics and interventional procedures in their entirety, including open, endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures.

The department is divided into outpatient and inpatient parts.

The newly reconstructed outpatient tract includes two urological examination rooms, which are used to treat patients with acute problems or complicated chronic diseases, as well as for elective procedures. It includes a urodynamic examination room. Dispensary care is provided in two outpatient clinics located on the 1st floor of the adjacent building Ponávka 10.

The bed part offers 9 rooms - 6 regular triple rooms and 3 superior single rooms.

In treating cancer patients, we work in close cooperation with the Masaryk Cancer Institute in an effort to provide our patients with the highest quality and most qualified care available.

The Department of Urology is accredited with the first level of accreditation for specialisation training of physicians.

Our team


MUDr. Ales Chromý

Deputy Chief Medical Officer

MUDr. Martin Sutorý, CSc.

Doctors of urology:

MUDr. Martin Alexa
MUDr. Jaroslav Andriychuk
MUDr. Marek Hanák
MUDr. Monika Hanáková
MUDr. Aleš Chromý
MUDr. Silvia Klebanová
Dr. Svitlana Oliinyk
MUDr. Martin Sutorý, CSc.
MUDr. Petr Tureček
Radomír Zachoval, MD

Nurses - examination rooms A, B, C:
Michaela Marková
urologie-misa@seznam.cz (tel. 545 538 652)
Lenka Ovečková l.oveckova@unbr.cz
Bc. Marie Sochorová urologie-misa@seznam.cz (tel. 545 538 727)
Marcela Trupová urologie-ovecka@seznam.cz

dr. Sutorý amb. no. 5, 545 538 356 Monday 1 - 3 pm.
Dr. Tureček, Ambulatory No. 2, 545 538 651 Tuesday  9 am - 12 pm.
Dr. Alexa Amb. No. 5, 545 538 356 Tuesday 1 - 3 pm.
Dr. Chromý Ambulance No. 2, 545 538 651 Tuesday 1 - 3 pm.
Dr. Hanák, Ambulance No. 5, 545 538 356 Wednesday 1 - 3 pm.
dr. Sutorý amb. no. 5, 545 538 356 Thursday 1 - 3 pm.
Dr. Oliinyk Ambulance No. 2, 545 538 651 Thursday 1 - 3 pm.
Dr. Klebanová, room 2, 545 538 651 Friday   9 am - 12 pm.

Nurses - ambulance 2 and 5:
Jindra Hrazdírová tel. 545 538 651

Pavla Vajdová tel. PAVLA VAJDOVÁ VAJDA, 545 538 356, p.vajdova@unbr.cz

Inpatient ward

Chief: MUDr. Aleš Chromý
Station nurse: Šárka Švarcová
Tel.: 545 538 665, 545 538 675

Information for patients

Superior service:

In case of acute problems (pain, bleeding), DO NOT wait for the outpatient hours and come immediately in the morning at 7:30 a.m. to our examination room A, B or to the ward. OSCHÚS (entrance at the entrance to the ÚN), where there is an emergency 24 hours a day.

Otherwise, please make an appointment at a proper outpatient clinic (see contacts above) with a referral from your urologist or GP.

We cooperate with the following clinics:
Viniční 235 - MUDr. Monika Hanáková
Velkopavlovická 25 - MUDr. Tomáš Hanák
Horníková 34 - MUDr. Radomír Zachoval, Ph.D., MUDr. Zuzana Kováčová-Majerová
Jugoslávská 13 - MUDr. Jiří Kladenský
Zahradníkova 2 - MUDr. Martin Hajný, MUDr. Silvia Klebanová, MUDr. Tariq Sanalla,
Purkyňova 35e - MUDr. René Skoumal, MUDr. Nataša Bulová