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Nursing care


Nursing care


Chief Nurse for Nursing: Mgr. Andrea Lišková

tel. 545 538 645
e-mail: a.liskova@unbr.cz

Education of non-medical health professionals:

Education-contact agenda: Mgr. Lenka Hofmanová,

office: 41 Koliště Street, 4th floor
Tel. 545 538 464
E-mail: l.hofmanova@unbr.cz

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Accredited workplace for the certified course:

Bladder catheterization in men


Accredited qualification course

Specialist training in the field of General Nursing

Nursing care in surgical disciplines, accredited workplace according to MZDR 32280/2018-6/ONP and according to Bulletin 5/2020
- Practical part OM1 and OM2
Practice Arrangement: Mgr. Lenka Hofmanová, office Koliště 41, 4th floor
tel. 545 538 464
e-mail: l.hofmanova@unbr.cz


Intensive care, accredited according to the 5/2020 Bulletin
- practical part OM6
Practice Arrangement: Mgr. Lenka Hofmanová, office Koliště 41, 4th floor
tel. 545 538 464
e-mail: l.hofmanova@unbr.cz

Certified course ``Mentor of clinical practice in nursing and midwifery``

practical part - practice arrangement:
Mgr. Andrea Lišková, head nurse
tel. 545 538 645, e-mail: a.liskova@unbr.cz
relevant form F316 UNBR Application for internship at the Institute of Nursing in Brno - see below

Postgraduate education of health professionals - practice

Information about the internship for those enrolled in the NCONZO course:

- call for an appointment at +420 545 538 645 - head nurse

- Download the form F316 UNBR Application for Internship in Brno (see below)

- fill in the information on the form as a basis for drawing up the internship contract and send the completed form back - a.liskova@unbr.cz

- the price for 1 day of internship is 300,- CZK, the price for the internship is not paid by participants who study courses paid by the European Social Funds (ESF)

Undergraduate education - practice

Non-medical health professionals

The ÚN has concluded framework agreements with the Jaselská Secondary School, Merhautova Secondary School, Kounicova Secondary School and MU Faculty of Medicine. The students of these schools carry out their internships as part of their studies; administrative matters are handled by the school.

Information on apprenticeships for applicants in non-medical disciplines (registered nurse, paramedic, physiotherapist, medical laboratory technician) from non-contract educational establishments:

- apply in writing to the head nurse (ÚN in Brno, Mgr. A. Lišková, Ponávka 6, 602 00 Brno)

- after preliminary arrangement of the date and department, the student fills in the application form and sends it to the head nurse at least 14 days in advance
- ÚN will draw up a contract, which will be sent to you by e-mail, you will deliver the signed contract to ÚN
- Pick up signed contracts from the head nurse at least one day before the placement and arrange the conditions of arrival at the workplace
- on the last day of the placement, complete the F130 UNBR Confirmation of Individual Placement in the UoN - see below, after signing by the school, deliver to the head nurse

- the price for practice is according to the current price list - DOWNLOAD -

Students of II. and III. year of general medicine at LF MU (holiday practice)
Ask for an appointment by email. After presenting your ISIC card, we will arrange the date and place of the internship.
Students of LF MU have a free practice on the basis of a contract.

Mgr. Lišková Andrea
head nurse of the Department of Nursing
e-mail: a.liskova@unbr.cz

- Paid services - price list -