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Health Support Programme


Health Support Programme

"Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing" (Arthur Schopenhauer)

At the Trauma Hospital in Brno, we support a healthy lifestyle programme for patients and staff. We are ready to help you in prevention and recovery

Promoting employee health:

  • vitamins during the flu epidemic
  • drinking on hot days
  • exercises in the Rehabilitation Centre (according to the current offer)
  • meals in the canteen with a choice of menu
  • curative and preventive care
  • OHS training
  • regular training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and hand washing techniques
  • psychological and nutritional counselling
  • recreation allowance
  • possibility of vaccination against COVID-19
  • use of sick-days according to individual employee categories


Promoting the health of our patients:

(a) meeting departmental security objectives:

  • safe identification of patients,
  • safety in the use of medicines with a higher level of risk,
  • prevention of patient, procedure and party confusion in surgical procedures,
  • prevention of falls,
  • Establishing optimal hand hygiene practices in healthcare delivery,
  • safe communication,
  • safe transfer of patients,
  • decubitus.

b) nutritional counselling with a nutritional therapist
c) psychological consultation
d) ostomy counselling - education of ostomates
e) urological counselling - education of incontinent patients and wheelchair users
f) educational materials for patients in wards and outpatient clinics
g) use of spiritual needs at the bedside


Promoting public health:

  • LPS - we provide emergency service for Brno in the field of general practitioner
  • Rehabilitation centre - individual treatment plan
  • Endoscopy centre - our workplace is an accredited centre for screening colonoscopy
  • Gynaecological outpatient clinic - preventive and curative gynaecological care
  • ENT ambulance - preventive hearing screening for workers at risk of noise pollution
  • Dental ambulance - preventive dental examination, dental hygiene, dental emergency for Brno
  • Department of Clinical Psychology - psychological diagnostics, counselling and individual psychotherapy on an outpatient and consultative basis
  • Educational events for patients - we organize on the premises of the hospital and outside the hospital (schools, congresses) training in hand washing techniques, practical training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, blood pressure and serum sugar measurement


We recommend the use of web information servers:

http://pdz.cz/ - Mental Health Care
http://www.szu.cz/ - National Institute of Health
http://www.zdravycech.com/ - Healthy Czech
http://www.slzt.cz/ - Society for the Treatment of Tobacco Dependence
https://www.lpr.cz/ - League Against Cancer
https://www.stobklub.cz/o-nas/ - STOB obesity
https://chciodvykat.cz/ - National Quitline 800 350 00, e-mail poradte@chciodvykat.cz
http://www.szu.cz/publikace/letaky-1 - health education materials available


General recommendations for a healthy lifestyle:

  • go for regular preventive check-ups
  • reduce your weight if you are overweight:
    (a) waist circumference above 88 cm for women and 102 cm for men is a major risk for cardiovascular disease
    b) BMI - body mass index, (calculation=kg/m2 ) 18,5 - 24,99 optimal weight (normal weight)
  • drink plenty of fluids (water, mineral water, tea...)
  • limit salt intake to 5-6 grams per day (prevention of high blood pressure)
  • observe physical activity at least 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes (walking, exercise...)
  • eat regularly, include 2-3 pieces of fruit or vegetables a day in your diet
  • limit alcoholic beverages
  • don't smoke