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Epidemiological nurse

Mgr. Lenka Jeřábková

Epidemiological nurse


Mgr. Lenka Jeřábková

tel.: 545 538 420
E-mail: l.jerabkova@unbr.cz

The epidemiological nurse is engaged in hygiene and epidemiological issues, which she solves and processes in the specific conditions of the health care facility at the level of prevention, hygiene surveillance, epidemiological investigations and consulting activities.

Responsible for the performance of tasks in the field of hygienic and anti-epidemic care of the medical facility, for compliance with preventive and hygienic-epidemiological measures in the medical facility.

Preventive hygiene and epidemiological activities:

  • cooperation in ensuring hygienic and anti-epidemic measures at individual workplaces
  • development of internal regulations and standards to ensure hygienic and anti-epidemic principles in the operation of the health facility
  • Coordination of the hospital's programme to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections, their continuous evaluation as a quality indicator
  • application of decontamination, disinfection and sterilisation procedures in accordance with current legislation
  • control of contractor services in the field of cleaning, laundry, disinsection, extermination

Control activities: hygiene and epidemiological surveillance:

  • periodic inspections of compliance with the hygiene and epidemic principles of the operating rules
  • control and compliance with the requirements of applicable legislation, internal regulations and accreditation standards
  • Recommendations for anti-epidemic measures in the event of hospital, community or occupational infections
  • continuous checks of the decontamination and disinfection procedures carried out
  • monitoring - waste management, water management, quality of working environment for employees, linen, food.
    The epidemiological nurse cooperates with the competent public health authority.

It provides ongoing training for employees, transmits information on current epidemiological and hygiene issues.
Educates staff and the public on hand hygiene and other anti-epidemic principles.