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Medical emergency service

- GP LPS for adults
- PS in dentistry for adults and children

In connection with the changes in the provision of health care and in an effort to approach the conditions customary in the European Union, the medical part of the LPS was moved to the Trauma Hospital in Brno from 1 October 2002. The main advantage of this solution is that the service has gained a direct connection to a large hospital located in the centre of Brno with the possibility of using its complement and concierge services. Since 1 January 2010, the emergency service in the field of dentistry for adults and children has also returned to ÚN Brno.

Please note: The IH does not provide emergency care for eye and ENT problems.
Eye and ENT emergencies: 1st - 15th day of the month FN USA, 16th - 31st day of the month FN Brno-Bohunice

Medical Emergency Service for Adults (LPS)

Information for the public about coronavirus infection

In the case of signs of mild upper respiratory tract illness (runny nose, weak cough, etc.), which may not be a sign of a coronavirus infection, it is recommended to perform preventive home isolation and visit your registering GP the next day.

If it is a sudden onset of flu-like symptoms or respiratory illness associated with fever, cough, loss of taste and smell, fatigue, muscle aches or other common symptoms of COVID 19, or after contact with a positive patient, please contact the LPS at 545 538 538 first for further information on how to proceed.

In this case, if you visit the LPS in person, the doctor will consider performing a rapid antigen test (RAT) and, if positive, will issue an electronic request form to be used at a public collection point.

Patients who present to the LPS with only a request for an AG or PCR test without a clear medical reason will not be accommodated. LPS is for treatment, not prevention.

Under no circumstances can or will the LPS issue PCR requests based solely on a phone call. Such phone calls only place an unnecessary burden on the medical staff serving at the expense of the patients in the waiting room.

Be aware that in a small LPS waiting room, you are likely to encounter many people who no one knows whether they are infectious or not. The LPS, unlike the registering GP, serves the citizens of Brno-city, Brno-rural and many other people residing in Brno and its surroundings. The waiting room is also common for dental emergency patients. It is therefore potentially infectious and cannot be prevented. PTherefore, please keep your stay here to a minimum and preferably unescorted.

Use hand sanitizer, adequate face protection and observe safety zones

Please consider the risks associated with an unjustified visit to the LPS for you, your companion, other visitors to the emergency room, and also for medical staff.

Office hours:

- GP LPS - for adults
Monday - Friday 6 - 7 pm (office hours until 6:40 pm)

Weekend, holidays round the clock
tel.: 545 538 538

- LPS dental - for adults and children

Monday - Friday 18 - 24 hrs.
Weekend, holidays 08 - 20 hrs.
Tel.: 545 538 421
The last LPS dental patient will be treated 1/2 hour before the end of the stated hours.


Chief Medical Officer of the LPS: MUDr. Jan Filipinský  tel. 545 538 419
LPS station nurse: Bc. Hana Lioliasová
tel. 545 538 416
Secretariat:  Eva Sychrová  tel. 545 538 408

Provision of services at the Dental Medical Emergency Service

LPS dental provides acute care to the extent necessary in the event of a sudden change in health
condition. The LPS is not intended for routine examinations or medical procedures that may be requested in
during the normal daily operation of health facilities. The LPS does not replace other follow-up
medical care by a general dental practitioner.

Routine Actions:

Procedures that don't belong in a dental emergency room:

    • Trepanation of the teeth (for filled canals only if it is realistic to make the canals clear).
    • Trepanation and application of a devitalizing inlay for inflammation of the dental pulp.
    • Incision around jaw abscesses, unless treatment in the clinic is already indicated.
    • Local treatment for periodontitis - rinses, drains.
    • Difficult pruning, especially of wisdom teeth - rinses, drains.
    • Simple tooth extractions indicated by the attending physician, as the only possible or appropriate treatment procedure in a given case (not complicated surgical extractions that must be referred to a specialized department).
    • Arrest of bleeding after dental surgical procedures.
    • Inflammations of the oral mucosa - e.g. ulcerative gingivitis, herpetic stomatitis.
    • Primary examination (treatment of injuries in the dental area according to their nature and the real possibilities of the practice).
    • Consultation of the condition of the teeth before going on holiday.
    • Prosthetic procedures (cementation of crowns, veneers, frc pins).
    • Definitive dental fillings (for isolated cavities or dropped fillings, attaching a temporary filling, not treating multiple devastated teeth).
    • Planned extractions or multiple extractions of damaged teeth or radixes only at the patient's request, unless medically urgently indicated.
    • Taking radiographs at the patient's request.
    • Consultation on the procedures of other treating physicians.

    Procedures that do not belong in the dental emergency room are not covered by health care
    by insurance. Their treatment is only possible in emergency cases
    after consultation with the emergency physician.