• Ponávka 6, Zábrdovice, 602 00 Brno
  • Continuous operation

Economic and technical-investment department

Basic information

Economic and technical-investment department

Ing. Libor Kubicek

Deputy HTS

Tel: 778 961 093
e-mail: l.kubicek@unbr.cz

Ing. Petra Vašková

Economic Deputy

Tel: 778 761 548
e-mail: p.vaskova@unbr.cz

Ing. Lev Doležal

Commercial Deputy

Tel: 545 538 401, 778 528 142
E-mail: l.dolezal@unbr.cz

Operations and Technical Department

Leader: Vladimír Dolníček

tel.: 545 575 020
fax: 545 538 369
e-mail: provoz@unbr.cz

Podatelna: Radka Musilová

tel.: 545 538 370
e-mail: podatelna@unbr.cz
Office hours: Mon - Fri 6:30-14:30
(8:00-9:00 Sub-door closed-POST)
Receipt of letters for posting: daily until 14:10
Departmental tour: 10:00-10:45
Lunch: 12:00-12:30
Information on the operation of the mailroom

The Operations and Technical Department provides tasks in the following areas:
  • operational and administrative activities
  • maintenance of buildings and technical equipment
  • energy economy
  • investment construction
  • waste management
  • guard service
  • hospital cleaning
  • car transport
  • repair of medical and other equipment and instruments
  • fire protection
  • health and safety at work

Economic Department

Head: Ing. Sylva Valachová

Tel: 545 538 372
e-mail: s.valachova@unbr.cz

Cash desk - ground floor of the building Ponávka 6 (OSCHÚS)

tel. 545 538 371
Office hours: Mon - Fri 7-12, 13-14:30

The Economic Department is responsible for:
  • Plan
  • budget
  • funding
  • accounting analysis and statistics
  • operative property records
  • managing the activities of the cash desk

Commercial Department

Head: Ing. Ivo Svoboda

Tel: 545 538 688
e-mail: i.svoboda@unbr.cz

Public contracts - office: Brno, Koliště 41, 4th floor (entrance through the courtyard via the Ponávka 6 gatehouse)

Ing. Pavel Holub

tel. 545 538 688
e-mail: p.holub@unbr.cz

Dita Kuschelová

tel. 545 538 688
e-mail: d.kuschelova@unbr.cz

Warehouses and MTZ - office: Brno, Ponávka 1 (Energocentrum)

Kateřina Holanová, Miroslava Kotlanová

Tel. 545 538 368
E-mail: k.holanova@unbr.cz

Ing. Igor Pavlík

Tel. 545 538 417
e-mail: i.pavlik@unbr.cz

Department of Health Insurance

Leader: Jaromíra Bortlová

tel.: 545 538 375
e-mail: j.bortlova@unbr.cz

The main activity of the Department of Relations with Health Insurance Companies is the billing of health care provided to health insurance companies and foreigners and related activities:
  • ensures contact of the Trauma Hospital with all health insurance companies in the matter of concluding the Contract and amendments to the Contract on reimbursement and provision of health care, cooperates with reviewing doctors of health insurance companies, resolves disputable matters
  • monitors decrees, regulations, codes, methodology
  • analyses the results of billing for medical procedures, separately billed drugs and materials
  • for patients from the EU, it provides the auxiliary health insurance company in the Czech Republic with confirmation of the provision of necessary and urgent care in the Czech Republic
  • on the basis of physicians' documents, makes entries into the hospital information system, necessary for the final billing to health insurance companies and entry into the patient's medical records
  • handles administrative activities related to approximately 7000 hospitalized patients per year, archives medical documentation
  • provides administrative assistance and care to outpatients and hospitalised foreigners in accordance with EU and non-EU legislation
  • provides statistical data